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Who we are

LEVAHOTELS is an small group of holiday hotels with a wealth of experience , almost over 50 years working with tourism, since 1963 when a brave group of local businessmen decided to build the first and most prestigious of the four hotels in the group, the Levante hotel .

For many years ,the company LEVAHOTELS has grown in experience,season after season trying to improve on service, learning from feedback ,and knowing its succes comes from the human aproach to taking care of guests.

The staff are very experienced and pride themselves on creating a friendly relaxed atmosphere in the hotel. 



Our hotels are exclusive to the tour operator TUI THOMSON  ,if you wish information about availability, rates and reservations please visit the website  . You can also make your reservation in any of the THOMSON  UK shops in Great Britain .

  Gran Sol:

 Hotel Levante

Levante Park / La Luna